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Here is a true story:

A couple of days back, I got a message from the CEO of a successful taxi company in a big European country. Let’s call this guy Peter.

Peter was super friendly and asked:

“Hey, what are the top 10 things I can do at home for the climate? I want to have a positive impact on the planet.”

Instead of being excited that a middle-aged white guy wanted to start composting, I scratched my head.

Peter owns a lot of cars. He transports millions of people from A to B. Peter has power. Peter has influence. And now he wants to save the planet, which is great.

But he is asking the wrong question.

Because in 99% of the cases, our impact on the planet is bigger outside of our homes.

You would be surprised how many people believe that it’s all about reusable coffee cups and taking cold showers.

I believe it’s about what we do from 9-5, Monday to Friday.

That plastic straw or a reusable cup won’t cut it.

Don’t get me wrong, every action counts. But some matter more than others.

And one thing is for sure: we can’t change the world by changing our buying habits.

Now I don’t want Peter to quit his job and become a monk.

Here’s what I told him instead (right after this):

📣 Promote your solutions to 1700+ sustainability executives, circular economists, and business leaders.

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This newsletter is only 4 weeks old, but folks from companies like Google, Tesla, Volvo Cars, Airbus, UN, Deloitte, or RWE are already reading it.

♻️ On my radar

1) On the road to circularity: BMW launches a new vision vehicle.

2) Ahold Delhaize is looking for a circular economy manager. 

3) Talking about jobs, Google is looking for a circular economy program manager.

4) WCEF is in 2 weeks. Hit me up if you are in Brussels on the 15th!

5) EEA launches State of the EU report on circularity.

Alright, back to the point.

When Peter asked me for “top 10 things to do at home for the planet”, here’s what I told him instead:

“Imagine what impact you could have as a business owner if you:

1) Procured circular & electric cars

2) Pushed your partners and suppliers to join you

3) Ran an awareness-raising campaign for your customers

4) Team up with the city planners and politicians to improve air quality”

And a lot more… You get the point…

To my surprise, he was excited and booked my 1:1 Power Hour to discuss this further!

So what’s the takeaway here (besides me boosting my services)?

When we stop seeing ourselves only as consumers, trying to do less harm, tons of opportunities open up.

People get creative. Good stuff happens. Companies are born.

Does this mean you should just consume like there’s no tomorrow?

Of course not! But instead of focusing only on the small actions, focus on the bigger ones.

You can have a real impact if you:

✅ Demand action
✅ Get organized
✅ Get Engaged

In your workplace, community, or politically.

We need systemic, structural change. Now.

Not another 10 years of green consumerism.

I know this always ruffles some feathers, so hit reply and let me know what you’re thinking!


30 March 2024

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