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I supercharge the circular champions

I believe that trusted brands are often only one viral post from a major success. 

I love to communicate about success stories from all over the world across my channels.  

But I am really picky about who I choose to team up on brand deals. 

So if you are a circular economy frontrunner, or aspire to be, let me know. 

With over 42 million impressions / year on LinkedIn, we can make sure the world hears about your awesome solutions. 

A few stats

Wave a Circular magic stick

Building an audience is no easy feat. 

It took me years of everyday work to be the # 1 creator in circular economy on LinkedIn.

Thankfully, I’ve done all the hard work. 

Sometimes it takes a formal tone. 

Other times it takes a meme. 

We first check if we are the right fit for reach other. 

If yes we team up and make a killer content. 

This one is on you. 

Do you want the Circular magic stick?

What I can help with

Your brand & my LinkedIn

After a careful selection process, we can craft a winning strategy to communicate your brand. 

Bring me to your channels

We can work on content that will be used on your channels – from an interview, posts, to podcast. 

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Have valuable insights to share? If we tick the right boxes, I can feature you in my newsletter! 

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