The Circular Accelerator Feedback™

First of all, thanks so much for offering to give feedback on my new offer.

In this doc you won’t find a pitch or link to buy – I’m just sharing my current thoughts on an offer I’ve been excited to launch for the last year.

Any and all details of the offer might change between now & launch – which is why I’d love your feedback! 

Once you’ve finished reading it, please give me your feedback here.<<

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So what's this about?

In a month, I’m looking to work with 3 Sustainability Managers from a medium or large-sized business who need to double down on making their company more circular.

The circular economy is becoming a megatrend, but sustainability managers face tough problems:

  1. Regulation
  2. Staff shortages
  3. Slashed budgets
  4. Bad company culture
  5. Super ambitious targets
  6. Managing key stakeholders
  7. Colleagues who just don’t care

And while the sustainability departments want to make their company more circular, ambitions get buried in reporting. 

Or nothing gets done after the pitch to management.

So what do you do? 

Hire a consultancy for $ 200,000+ to end up where you started. This time with no budget left and your 1- shot 1-opportunity wasted. 

No wonder we haven’t unlocked the crazy $$$ potential hiding in the circular economy. 

If you recognize these challenges, this might be for you: 

I’m looking to work with 3 Sustainability Managers or Executives for 30 days to help you move beyond managing waste and recycling. 

To overdeliver on your boss’ expectations and design a powerful way forward for the circular economy. 

Here’s what you get: 

  1. Free 30-minute onboarding call
  2. 3x 60-minute review sessions to take you from [understanding where you are] -> [defining a vision of an ideal future] -> [developing a gameplan how to get there]
  3. 24-5 access to me via WhatsApp and email 
  4. Access to my network, frameworks, and publications I’ve piled up over the last 10 years.
  5. Summary, and transcripts from all the interactions + extra homework and assignments

Together, we’ll work for 4 weeks. 

Because we’re not looking to dive into a McKinsey-style consultation that lasts for decades. 

We outline the outcome, execute, give you everything I know including my network, review, and move into implementing the circular economy swiftly. 

What does working together look like? Together we will:

  1. Understand your biggest challenges and problems 
  2. Define the level of circularity in the company 
  3. Review your status quo and current situation 
  4. Set up your targets and goals 
  5. Develop an applicable plan
  6. Discuss synergies in my network and community
  7. Bonus: If interested, we can talk about my hidden secrets on how to effectively communicate circularity on LinkedIn and beyond.

So that you can:

✅ save 95% of your budget on circular economy.

✅ move beyond managing waste and recycling to real circularity

✅ build brand authority and reputation as a leader in the industry 

✅ get on top of everything that the circular economy is and can bring 

✅ implement the circular economy frameworks, which you can keep for life 

What does working together look like?

Inside The Circular Accelerator together, we’ll map out your exact game plan so you can identify bottlenecks, take immediate action, and have a reliable system in place to be on top of the circular economy trends and needs. 

Because going green doesn’t need to cost a fortune. You don’t need a 200-page PowerPoint to understand what needs to happen or to get your colleagues on board.

You need to have a simple go-to plan, accessibility, and support as you dive into the circular economy. Alongside this, you’ll need someone to rely on and be able to discuss your journey with.

About me: 

I am one of the leading circular economy voices in Europe. My experience comes from co-founding a successful consultancy, the Institute of Circular Economy in 2014. Since then, I’ve worked with hundreds of organizations on their circular journey, advised mayors and CEOs, and spoke at the top events. 

In 2022, I’ve been selected as one of the Top Green Voices in Europe to follow by LinkedIn. Favikon named me the #1 Green LinkedIn Creator to follow in 2024. 

Today, I run a one-person business, The Circular Economist, to help as many people as possible get into the circular economy. I’ve also been representing a top global do-thank, Circle Economy, as an independent associate for the last 4 years. 

I’ve worked with big corporates on intense several year long transformative projects

I’ve been Prague’s Circular Economist for 4 years.

I’ve advised 100+ companies on their circular journey.

I have on the ground knowledge, hands-on approach, no bullshit attitude, and deep expertise in circular economy, change management, and consultancy. 

Today, I am ready to give it away to you.

Who is this for / not for?

If you’re looking to have a year-long engagement, this is probably not for you.

Or you want to burn $ 200k on a PowerPoint deck then again – not for you.

If this coming out of your own pocket, and not a corporate budget, I would reconsider.

This is for sustainability manager in a medium or larger-sized company, who’s looking to dial in quick results in a 4-week turnaround, a comfortable budget, and get straight to the point.

Why you, over a big consultancy?

Usually, consultants like McKinsey will charge a fortune. You’re sold to a fancy partner, but passed on to Juniors, with generic advice not tailored to your exact needs.

My work is quick and affordable. You work directly with me, no team, and we work towards making your outcomes more Circular right away. 

You get access to 10+ years of experience in the circular economy. 

Things we can focus on:

  • Networks
  • Setting KPIs
  • Your business idea
  • Managing stakeholders
  • Your company situation
  • Communication, LinkedIn
  • Building a Circular Strategy
  • Developing circular business models
  • And more… You choose!

What’s the investment?

This thing has everything I wished for when I started my journey as the Head of Circular Economy in Prague. Without the mistakes and hurdles, I had to go through on my journey.

I’ve made it ridiculously easy to get started.

I’m thinking that the investment would be somewhere around EUR 2,450.

Where the payments could also be done as 50% upfront and 50% after the 30-day successful finish of the sprint. 

You work with me once. Then, my thoughts are that you get to keep the knowledge and skills for life as you’ll have access to all the resources and recordings.

The Circular Accelerator is an asset, not a liability.

As I said before, this is a 1:1 engagement, limited to 3 persons. 

It will help me deliver the maximum impact to you and your business as we work together on a personal level.

I am super curious about what you think!

Can you please spend 60 seconds and give me a quick feedback?

It would really mean the world to me

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